Cedric: It’s a Shell of a Time on Townsville’s Beaches

Image - BeachEveryone loves going to the beach! Townsville has many great beaches for students to explore. This weekend my friends and I took the city bus from campus out to Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park, which has a long, beautiful beach and a few hiking trails along the coast. A regular bus runs between downtown Townsville and the park, so it’s very accessible for students via public transport. 

beachtree The beach has a perfect view of Magnetic Island (an island off the coast of Townsville), as well as numerous views of the smaller surrounding islands. There is a large stinger net, which allows people to swim all year round. Also, there are long stretches of beach so there is plenty of space for everyone. There are also tables and benches in the park where people can set up a nice picnic to escape the sand for a little bit.


My favorite thing about this particular beach is that there are thousands of shells; I personally love shells and I knew I wanted to find some pretty, tropical shells during my time in Australia. This beach has the most shells to offer out of the ones that I’ve been to thus far, so definitely check it out if you’re in search of nice souvenirs. If you keep walking down the beach you’ll also discover a rocky area, which leads farther down the beach and it’s very fun to explore.


Remember to bring extra water and sun block, and most importantly, have fun!

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