Julia: JCU Field Trip Adventures

CTR Fieldtrip

Last weekend consisted of course field trips! On Friday there was a tour to the Daintree National Park. It was an opportunity to learn on site and outside our comfort zone. I was part of a small group of about 20 people. Our lecturer turned up wearing a very fashionable red hat and was very motivated to teach. The trip to the site followed a route along the coast, offering a wonderful view over the ocean and beaches out one window and the tropical forest out of the other window. 

CTR Fieldtrip - Fahrt zum Daintree National Park 2

Learning on site in the rainforest was very exciting. Once the lesson was over, we had the chance to explore the dense rainforest. There were gigantic trees, various species of lianas, mosses and epiphytes! My friends and I went for a brief hike. It began with a canopy tree walk built on high stilts. You could stop every every metre or so and examine news species of plants and animals! The pictures I took and memories I have of the experience will stay with me for a long time…

Fieldtrip RE - Meine Gruppe misst den wenig dichten Wald. In der Mitte der Lecturer Segun aus Kamerun

I’ve added photos of all my field trip from Saturday and Sunday. I hope you enjoy the photos. I encourage students to participate in field trips where they can as Australia, more specifically North Queensland, offers amazing environments to explore and study.

CTR Fieldtrip 3  

For more information on field trips visit the International Students website.

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