Casey: Settling in, Studying and Sunset Sailing…

Image - Casey

Just over two months ago I was saying my sad but excited goodbyes to my friends at my home university in St Andrews, Scotland. Jump forward a few days and I am pretty well settled in a new continent with a new (and awesome) climate, a new university system and most importantly, a bunch of friends that I already know will be friends for life! 

Studying in Australia has been a dream of mine since I originally applied to university back in 2009. A lifetime ago. Going to a new environment, a new country is a challenge for EVERYONE! It is okay if you find it hard to adjust; that is NORMAL! The point is, don’t let it stop you from living and making the most of what you can achieve. If you fight, seek the support you need and surround yourself with positive, loving, caring people, you WILL change your mindset and you WILL make the impossible, possible.


(Photo: Climbing Mt Stuart)

What are some of the things that you can do to help yourself settle?




You are here to study. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also have fun and EXPERIENCE another culture, that is half the reason you chose to study in Australia! Since I have been here I have ‘attempted’ longboarding, kite surfing, rock climbing, slack-lining, yoga and sailing. Not to mention the countless ‘barbies’ (BBQs) and pool hang outs with friends. Oh, and I’ve even had the chance to cuddle a wombat and a snake.

My 2nd home...

(Photo: JCU Library – what feels like my second home 🙂 )

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, STOP! Just stop right where you are (unless it’s a road or some other danger-inducing activity) and take a breath. Remember, YOU ARE IN AUSTRALIA! LIFE IS GOOD :).


(Photo: A view of Townsville)

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