Hilda: Out and about North Queensland


Hi everyone! I hope everything is going well. Mid semester assignments are normally due around this time in the semester. I’ve noticed the library’s been full everyday ;). But hey, let’s not forget the importance of getting your head out of those books and breathing in some fresh North Queensland air! Let me share with you my recent experience to this wonderful breathtaking area of North Queensland. 


About an hour and half drive up North from Townsville is Australia’s highest single drop waterfall. Seven students including myself took a day trip to Wallaman falls to relax, unwind and enjoy an outdoor experience. Each of us contributed about $20 each which let us rent a fancy ride from Hertz (a car rental agency) and each of us brought some food for lunch. We had a picnic at the top of the lookout, then explored the 3.2 km walk which brought us right into the base of the waterfall. It was crazy fun!


Hilda, Selma, Fredah, Alief

The Jinda walk track was amazing and leads through this array of tropical rainforest and breathtaking views of a gorge. We spent the afternoon swimming in the chilly pool at the base of the fall. The exposure to the peaceful natural surroundings and the fresh air was just amazing. Overall, it was a great way to tackle any anxieties we may have had. As I come from PNG, a very tropical country, this experience made me feel so much closer to home.

Regardless of where you come from, this is one adventure you shouldn’t miss during your time in North Queensland.



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