Cedric: North Queensland – Perfect for adventurers

Image Cedric

I find one of the most enticing features of James Cook University is its location in Townsville, North Queensland. It’s proximity to the ocean, numerous rainforests, and a number of mountains is just amazing. As a Geology student, I am delighted by Townsville’s environment. I’ve gone on a number of hikes near the JCU campus and I’d highly recommend doing so to anyone who enjoys the outdoors. 


Mt Stuart is the closest mountain to campus and it’s very easy to get to; one can drive or hike up to the summit. At 584 meters it offers a great view of Townsville, the JCU campus, and even the surrounding mountains and coast. There is a hiking loop around the top which offers numerous lookouts and interesting facts about Mt Stuart and Townsville.

Another hiking option is to pick any of the numerous paths leading up into the nearby highlands from campus. I hiked up there with some friends recently and it was a lot of fun! The paths are regularly maintained, making them accessible for different levels of ‘adventure‘. These paths are great because there are so many of them and there are maps along the way. It’s also nice that they’re so close to campus allowing you to pick how long you want to leave for. It’s so easy and can be accomplished with minimal planning.

There are many opportunities for good hikes near JCU and I’m looking forward to finding more paths to explore! Happy trails and remember your boots!

Image - Cedric

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