Meet the 2015 Student Bloggers

We are very excited to welcome and congratulate the Townsville International Student Bloggers for Semester One, 2015!


Pictured: Hilda (Papua New Guinea), Alejandra (Venezuela), Cedric (United States of America)
Absent: Casey (Scotland)

We met these wonderful students over an Aussie lunch (jaffles) and they are very eager to share their experiences and advice as international students living in North Queensland. Keep an eye on the James Cook University International Facebook page to see their fortnightly blogs on how international students can make the most of their JCU experience. 

Meet the bloggers:


Cedric is from the United States of America and is studying at JCU as part of the Study Abroad program. He is a Geology student and is studying various science subjects to broaden his knowledge of natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef.


Alejandra is a Postgraduate student from Venezuela. She is studying Coral Reefs and there is no place better for that than North Queensland. She is very excited to share her experiences and ideas with others.

Casey PerryCasey Perry (not to be confused with Katy Perry) is from Scotland and is studying at JCU as part of the Study Abroad program. Casey enjoys traveling and wants to make the most of her time studying at JCU and living in North Queensland.


Hilda is from Papua New Guinea and is studying a Master of Public Health/ Master of Business Administration. She is very adventurous and would love  to share her experiences with others. She is enjoying JCU’s friendly atmosphere and hopes to explore as much of Australia during her studies.

Remember to keep up to date by liking the James Cook University International Facebook page and checking out the rest of JCU Life to see their blogs! We are very excited to share their blogs over the course of the semester and we hope you are to!

5 thoughts on “Meet the 2015 Student Bloggers

  1. Katja Gawel says:

    Hey there! It is great that you guys are writing a blog! I have a question as I’ll be studying at JCU in TP2 this year. Do you guys live on-campus? If yes, could you recommend a hall? Or do you know someone who lives in a hall? I am studying sports and English and I’m not sure which hall would be best for me!

    It would be great to hear from you!!

    • jcuconnect says:

      Alejandra: Hi Katja! I am not living on-campus but I have friends living in the University Hall and I have been around a couple of times. University Hall has amazing facilities and a beautiful environment. Communal kitchen always smell delicious and it is a good option if you feel time will be limited in during semester. Also, they have a gym and many communal spaces to make friends. University Halls offers townhouses if you prefer share a house with other students. An advantage of University Halls is it is just next to the bus stop and Woolworths (market) is in walking distance.

    • jcuconnect says:

      Cedric: Hi Katja. I currently live on campus in the Western Courts hall. It’s hard to recommend a particular hall since they’re all different. I live in Western Courts and I feel like it’s a good fit for me. I’m able to have privacy when I want it since it’s not a traditional dorm setting, such as Uni Hall, and I’m also easily able to socialise with friends. Overall, Western has a tight-knit community and a sense of ‘togetherness’ since it’s a small hall. So, if that sounds like the experience you want I’d recommend Western. Uni Hall will offer a more ‘stereotypical’ college dormitory experience, so if that’s what you’re after I would suggest that. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions, and good luck with all your decisions.

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