Sasha’s Exchange story

For a change of scenery study overseas

Imagine this: instead of studying at home or in the JCU library you’re studying in a different country. The rolling green hills of Scotland, the snowy mountains of Canada or the historical monuments of France are outside your window. Did you know that this can be made a reality through the JCU Exchange Program? The JCU Exchange Program offers students the exciting opportunity to take their study overseas. With over 50 different countries to choose from students can spend a semester or two at a university in North and South America, Asia, Europe or the UK.

Sasha Simpson always wanted to travel to Europe, so she combined her travel desire with her JCU degree and found herself in Germany.


At the Schloss Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Palace)

“I’ve always wanted to do an exchange but never really looked into it. When I received the email about this program it interested me because it wasn’t for a whole semester and it was in my holidays. Germany wasn’t on my bucket list of countries to travel to but I have always wanted to go to Europe. It was the excellent program the Berlin School or Economics and Law offered that influenced my choice.”

Living in Germany gave Sasha the opportunity to travel to other countries and by studying there she was able to meet people easily.

“The highlight of my experience was all the friends I made and the fun we had. I very much enjoyed the social side of things but it was great going to university because there was that support there and it made it easier to make friends. I particularly enjoyed the weekends when we travelled to other countries and when we got to all socialise together.”


In Berlin at the Eastside Gallery – Berlin Wall 

Sasha advises students who are thinking of going on Exchange to take advantage of every opportunity.

“Make the effort to meet new people and make lots of friends and try to participate in most of the activities organised. If you do all these things I can guarantee you will have the best time! It is the best thing I have ever done! I made such great friends and the best memories. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m glad I got to experience it!”

JCU’s Exchange Program has over 50 different countries to choose from including universities from North America, South America, Asia, Europe and the UK. The program is available to undergraduate students from most disciplines. This experience gives students the opportunity to gain credit towards their JCU degree while expanding their career prospects.



In Prague at the top of the Astronomical Clock

 Information sessions are held regularly for students who are interested in studying overseas.

Find out more about the Exchange Program:




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