Accommodation at JCU

_MG_8161Organising your accommodation is an important step as you prepare for your studies at JCU. We recommend that you start looking at your accommodation options as early as possible, particularly if you want to apply for on-campus accommodation in Townsville.If you are planning to live off-campus, aim to arrive early so you have enough time to look at options and secure permanent accommodation. Study in Australia has some useful information about accommodation and the costs you might expect to pay for the various options. 

The JCU Accommodation Service coordinates your on-campus accommodation application for Townsville and manages an off-campus accommodation database, including private rentals, share housing and boarding. For off-campus listings visit the JCU Accommodation Service off-campus database.

The International Student Support team can organise temporary accommodation for you prior to your arrival if you do not have permanent accommodation organised. You can complete the
Temporary Accommodation Booking form. (Note: students are responsible for the cost of temporary accommodation).

On-campus accommodation(Live in close proximity to class rooms, shops and a range of university services)

The JCU Accommodation Facebook group gives students the opportunity to connect with an off-campus accommodation provider or with other students looking to share accommodation in Cairns or Townsville.

Take a fly through video tour of JCU Townsville’s on campus accommodation.  For more information please refer to the Accommodation page on the JCU website.

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