Free Lunch at JCU


The person who said there is no such thing as a free lunch must not have been a JCU student! Students at JCU have enjoyed tons of BBQs, pizzas, hamburgers and more at the free lunch events offered at JCU. In the Townsville campus, students can enjoy a free lunch prepared by the International Student Support team during Free Lunch Fridays. In the Cairns campus, students are encouraged to come along the lawns outside A3 and enjoy a free lunch, catch up with friends or make new ones at Cairns Monthly Mingle. 

It’s open to all students, and FREE thanks to funding from the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Free Lunch Friday and Cairns Monthly Mingle are held three times a semester and welcomes both international and domestic students to share a free lunch, play games and take part in cultural activities organised by the International Student Support team. There’s plenty of fun to be had. Meet friends and make new ones – that’s what free lunches at JCU are all about!

Watch the ‘What’s Happening’ space (on the right hand side) on the International Students website and the James Cook University International facebook page for details on upcoming events.

Here are a collection of photos of various Free Lunch Fridays and Cairns Monthly Mingles.


(Townsville students playing a friendly game of volleyball)


(Cairns students enjoying the chance to hold some native Australian animals thanks to Zoo to You)


(Smiling students enjoying a free meal)

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