Shiori: How to prepare for exams

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Hi guys! I hope the exam period is going well for you. I have one last exam and then I am done for the year.

Today I want to share with you my advice for allocating your time and how to prepare when it comes to exams. 

  • Plan your studies- Revise the final  lecture (usually week 13) because lecturers tend to give study hints. Study what you know will appear on the test, then focus on aspects of what lectures have covered.
  • Study with your friends- Ask each other questions, revise in the library.
  • Simulate your test- Memorising notes is important but it is also important to write down your answers in sentences as you would do during your tests. It always good to keep track of how long it takes to write your answers so that you don’t run out of time during your test.
  • Search for past exams- On the JCU homepage you can find past exams so that you get a brief idea of what your exam will be like. If you are lucky enough, similar questions may appear on you test too!
  • If you get exhausted, remember that it is always important to rest your brain. Relax at home, take a walk on campus, laying down and relaxing on grass has always worked for me!
  • This is not really related to studying, but definitely check out where your test is going to take place. Some exam locations are located in areas you are unfamiliar with. Check on the map beforehand where you have to go.

I hope you’ll find my advice useful! Good luck with your exams!



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