Angela: Relax Going Into Exams

Angela Image 1

It’s that time of year. Lots of assignments to turn in and exams are around the corner. It’s important to prioritise your studies. It’s equally important to find some peace of mind. It’s important to you relax so you can do the best you can. I relax before exams by making the most of my time in North Queensland. Me and some friends were anxious to get on the road up to Rossville for Wallaby Creek Festival. A group of JCU students were heading up for a weekend of camping, swimming, and music. The car was packed and we took off Friday morning to get there as soon as possible. We took the Bloomfield track up, which is a 4 wheel drive road through the Daintree rainforest. It was dusty and hot but incredibly beautiful. When we arrived we quickly set up camp and ran to swim in the creek. It was refreshing.


We hiked to a 7-tiered waterfall, about a 40-minute walk from camp and swam in the midst of its incredible power. The vibes were delightful and I have come away with stories of a lifetime. Thank you to the wonderful crew and the people who made this experience so incredible!​

When the weather is great it encourages me and my friends to make the most of my time in North Queensland. I am now relaxed going into the exam period.

Angela Image 2

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