Ramiro: JCU Clubs are Great for Making Friends

Image Ramiro: L.A.S.A.

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Last year me an some friends started the Latin American Students Association (LASA) at James Cook University. The purpose of the LASA is to bring together students from Latin America together. It offers students the opportunity to catch up with other students from Latin America and make new friends.  Students who aren’t from Latin America  are also invited to join in and experience a variety of Latin America culture and exchange stories.

Throughout this semester the LASA has organised Spanish speaking sessions. During these sessions, Spanish speaking students can practice or improve their español. For non-Spanish speakers it is a great opportunity to begin learning a new language.  The LASA also hosts sessions where we share different aspects of Latin American culture such as food, music and sport.

Image Ramiro: L.A.S.A.There are plenty of clubs and societies at JCU. Taking part in clubs and societies while at JCU is a great way to meet people with similar interests. I have made many new friends by participating in different societies and clubs.

For more information and function dates visit the Latin American Student Association Facebook page.

For a list of clubs and societies visit the JCU Student Association website.

I will write again soon!



Image Ramiro: L.A.S.A.

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