Share Your Story

Image Share Your Story

Are you outgoing and adventurous? Be a part of promoting JCU in your own video testimonial. We are looking for current International students from the following countries: 

  • Africa (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • Canada (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • China (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • Colombia (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • Germany (Study Abroad)
  • India (Postgraduate)
  • Indonesia (Postgraduate)
  • Japan (Undergraduate)
  • Middle East (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • Norway (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • Papua New Guinea (Undergraduate)
  • United Kingdom (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • USA (Study Abroad and Postgraduate)
  • Vietnam (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

If you’re interested in this opportunity complete the Share Your JCU Experience form. Check out other student stories on James Cook University’s YouTube channel.

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