So a lot of students at orientation sort of already had their friend groups established which was cool, but also made it a bit harder to feel included. I felt unusually shy during the first day, but by day two I was conversing with everyone and back to my normal, bubbly self. We had tons of programs and workshops organized for us and a trip to Crystal Cascades, which you should DEFINITELY go on, if you ever end up coming to JCU. One of the first days of O-week, two crazy looking locals ran up to my friend Sarah and I, asking where to sign up for the trip. We told them and laughed at them as they frantically ran away. Little did we know that they would become two of our best mates.

That pretty much wraps up O-week. My advice to anyone doing an orientation or participating in group activities in a new place would be to try everything and engage with as many people as possible. You never know who might be your next greatest friend.



Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.15.44 PM


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