Kayelyn Simmons Pic 2Hello everyone,

Time is continuing to fly by! However, thanks to the JCU International Student Association, I was able to spend a weekend on Magnetic Island with a friend.

We stayed at Bungalow Bay Koala Village http://www.bungalowbay.com.au on Magnetic Island. The place was perfect for backpackers in that the facility was equipped with a kitchen, cookery, eating utensils; even the bathrooms were very clean! The bungalow we stayed in was also nice, there was a small refrigerator, double bed, and A/C unit. I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you venture to Magnetic Island.

We spent the first day hiking around the island to Arthur Bay and Florence Bay. We attempted to go snorkeling in Florence Bay, but the waves were a little too rough. The trail we were on then took us up and through the boulders! I loved how the trail basically carved through the rocks, but it did make us nervous to look down at times. The trail ended at Horseshoe Bay where all the restaurants, shops, and bus stops were located.

Before departing, we experienced the Bungalow Bay Koala Village Wildlife Sanctuary. We were able to kiss a parrot, hold a number of reptiles, and I finally got to hold a koala!

This was wonderful trip to explore Magnetic Island and learn more about the native animals in Australia.


Kayelyn Simmons Pic 1


Kayelyn Simmons Pic 3



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