John Yana Pic 1Hi everyone,

Did you know that a short escape from study can relieve your stress?

Well, I will share with you my first experience to the famous Magnetic Island. First, I am very grateful to JCU International Recruitment Media for giving me two ‘One Night Wildlife Escape’ vouchers to the Bungalow Bay Koala Village early last week. Bungalow Bay Koala Village is located North-East of Magnetic Island, at Horseshoe Bay. 

Me and a friend,  Irai Tonny, left for the island on Friday, 2nd May. We travelled by bus to the Ferry Terminal and got our packages which included two return ferry passes, one night accommodation for two at the Bungalow Bay, and two free beverages.

After waiting at the terminal for a few minutes, the ferry arrived and they called for passengers to embark. It was an experience of a lifetime for both of us to travel on the ferry, and also to go to the Magnetic Island. After 20 minutes, we arrived at the Nelly Bay where we disembarked.

We then hopped on a bus and travelled to Bungalow Bay where we checked in at our accommodation.  We took a stroll down to the beach at the Horseshoe Bay. The beach is about a four minute walk from the village. The sea was calm and we really enjoyed the calm sea breeze. Oh, and we also walked along the white sandy beach.

We spent the whole afternoon at the beach until dusk. We then walked back to the village. The night life at the village was great. You will never miss wallabies or possums at night.

A night in their A-frame bungalow was also a great experience for us. Overall, it was just a fantastic escape from chores and the pressures of study.

We truly had a wonderful time and would recommend it to those who want a night or two of escape from their busy daily routines. J

John Yana Pic 2

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