John: A JCU Club

Happy Anzac Day everyone,

Hope you all also had a wonderful Easter weekend. Miss Mary Immaculate M. Kaipman approached me this week to have her story on the blog. Here it is:

JCU Christian Union (JCUCU) Kick off camp at Cardwell

On the 14th of March, we had our JCUCU kick off camp at Caldwell, which is about two hours drive from Townsville. Some of us who do not have cars were asked to travel with our friends who own cars. Anyway, we departed for Cardwell at 5:00pm since some students had lectures. On the way, we got a punctured tyre and had to replace it. We then continued our journey safely to Cardwell.

Upon arrival in Cardwell around dusk, we had dinner at a local restaurant and then proceeded to St. George Auditorium for our night session and camp registration. After the session, we were allocated to a tent in which I shared with two other friends. It was an awesome experience sleeping in a tent. It was so comfy that I thought that I was sleeping at home. The mossies were a nuisance during the night but thankfully we had mosquito repellent handy.

We got up early the next morning and did our usual morning routines. After that, we had a Bible session again till 12:00 pm. After lunch some of us decided to go swimming so we drove to 5 mile creek. The creek was clean, fresh, deep, and was just spectacular. After the cool off, we drove back to the camp just in time for dinner. Unlike the previous night we had a game known as shenanigans. We were grouped into small groups and had to look for places, items and a car. It was really interesting when we tried to beat the other groups to be the first group to discover/recover hidden items as instructed. The funniest one was when we looked for one of our friend’s car, which she took it out to the beach and parked it. I really enjoyed this game. Unfortunately, the other group won. Otherwise, we all had fun.

The next day, we did our usual morning routine and Bible sessions till 12:00 pm when we close up our program/camp. We cleaned the camping site and pull down the tents and got ready to travel back.

I really enjoyed the Bible sessions and small groups Bible talks and every single activity that was included in the program.

I am looking forward to having another great outdoor experience. Blog 5c Blog 5d Blog 5e Blog 5


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