John: a sweet field trip

Photo 1My first field trip was to Townsville Port and Invicta Sugar Mill in April. The experience was a part of my assessment with the aim for us to see firsthand the process of a supply chain  in the sugar industry.

We left campus at 9 am sharp on two coaches. Everyone dressed up in long sleeves shirt and long pants with closed-in shoes.

We visited Townsville Port first. Our tour guide showed us different sections and berths around the port and what commodity is exported in each berth. We then visited the Bulk Sugar Terminal where raw sugar transported by Queensland rail from Invicta mill is received and stored, weighed and then exported overseas. 

We then traveled 45 minutes to Invicta Sugar Mill at Giru. Invicta mill is a subsidiary of Wilmir International and is one of the oldest sugar mills in Queensland. We saw how harvested cane from plantations are transported by rail to the mill and how it is processed at each stage through to the final stage where the raw sugar is ready for shipment.

It a really interesting field trip because we saw how the sugar that we enjoy in our cups of coffee is manufactured.


Photo 1: Storage of bulk raw sugar at Townsville Port

photo 2

Photo 2: The Dumping Station where raw sugar is transported by train from Invicta Sugar Mill and is unloaded for storage (Townsville Wharf)

photo 3

Photo 3: The raw sugar is weighed in the weighing room before being loaded onto ships

photo 4

Photo 4: Sugar being transported to ships

photo 5

Photo 5: Ready for export

photo 6

Photo 6: Me and Glenda Arabagali

photo 7

Photo 7: Equipment used for harvesting cane at Gary Stockham Harvesting

photo 8

Photo 8: Sugar Cane Plantation

photo 9

Photo 9: Invicta Sugar Mill

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