Donata: an extreme experience

blg3We all know how good it feels to face your fear and conquer it. So I thought to myself – if I could come such a long way to this beautiful and fascinating part of the world, I could do anything! This past week was really extreme for me, I am glad I have friends who were keen, because without them I would not have been able to do any of the things I did.

So first comes rafting.  Please, if you have not already done this, put it into your bucket list. I had never tried it before but my friends wanted to go ‘extreme rafting’, so I really didn’t have a choice but to agree and pray that I will wouldn’t die. We booked our trip in Cairns with Raging Thunder and went to Tully River for some unforgettable experiences.

The trip was very well organised; we left Cairns around 6am and came back at 6pm, so it was a full day of extreme sport! To be completely honest with you, I was terrified; the level of my fear was so high that I couldn’t even scream. For someone who has never done anything like it before, it’s a big experience and going extreme for your first time is a smart choice, maybe.


The Tully River is unpredictable, so there has been a lot of flipping and trying to get back in the boat. The instructor was amazing, so I knew nothing bad was going to happen to me, and all in all it was just a never-stopping rush of adrenaline the whole day. Jumping off the cliffs, being taken by a strong current in the river, you know, just your usual Sunday!



And then there was the ‘World’s fastest jungle swing’. We won the voucher for the Minjin Swing (thanks again, Student Association) and so we went there on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I was too scared to do the bungee jump, maybe another day, and was only prepared for the swing. It is absolutely amazing! It’s 45 metres high, so while we were being lifted, it only then occurred to us how high it actually is. The moment the swing is released, you fly 120 km/h over the rainforest and the view is magnificent. It’s totally worth trying and I’m sure I’ll go back there again!

blg3e blg3f blg3g

Good luck with your assignments and see you all in the Boathouse for the CEO party on Friday!


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