Candace: money matters & the job hunt

Part 1: Money Matters

Well as most of you know travelling is and will always be expensive! I came to my senses when I realized that I will never have as much money as I want while on exchange and started to focus on how much I was going to need to get by. I consider myself to be fairly smart with my money but after making a budget for myself I was shocked at how much I was spending each week.


Of course travelling all the way to Australia I knew I wanted to make the most out of my time and planned to travel along Australia as well as Bali and New Zealand.  I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was spending when I first arrived because I wanted to say yes to everything and soak up as many cool experiences as possible. The awareness of my spending habits began to kick in when my credit card of course reached its limit, and friends and I were looking into prices for spring break and other travel trips.  I began to realize I had to find a way to make the most out of this trip and not wind up calling my parents for funds support!

Remember why you went on exchange! Every time I choose not to go out I always remind myself that I didn’t come to Australia to party and rather came to explore and travel. This helps me feel better when I realize that the $50 I would have spent at the bar is going to be spent on an excursion in Bali or for the bus that is going to take me down Byron Bay.

Part 2: The Job Hunt:

Depending on where you go for your exchange or study abroad, finding a job will be different for everyone. My advice to you if you plan to get some part time work while on exchange is as follows:

  • 1st and foremost make sure you visa allows you to work!!
  • Research your living area before you arrive to get some real expectations of possible work opportunities.
  • Start the job hunt as soon as you can! You are not the only student looking for work!
  • Bring a couple of printed resumes with you in your suitcase, so you have immediate information for possible employers.
  • Talk to current and previous students about what they did or their friends did for cash inflow.
  • Talk to your residence management team about any openings.
  • Go on campus to your student support team and see where they can point you.
  • Find out when/if there are busy seasons and what type of organizations become busy at these times.
  • Get a hold of a newspaper and look for employment ads.
  • Attend the Career Fair!

It’s your experience and your money, so decide what you want out of the both of them and make it happen!

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