Donata: Beaches, rainforests and studies

Blog 2

Slowly I’m starting to get into a routine of combining studies and exploring North Queensland at the same time. As for my studies, just as I expected it – I love it. The only thing is that back in London I would be finishing my second year, but here I have one first year subject, so it’s interesting to be with the first years again. I wouldn’t say that the educational system is very different from London; I guess it works the same way everywhere, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. The only tip I could give to all the study abroad students is to attend their lectures. I know, I know, sometimes it’s too hard to get up or your ears would just refuse to hear that alarm, but you know why you are here. This is probably the most difficult thing for international students – not getting too entangled in the whole exploring Australia and forgetting to study thing. Everything is so appealing and once you go somewhere outside Cairns, you want to go everywhere and see everything. We still have weekends and a few more months to go, so no worries!


And now let me tell you about my amazing weekend.

We decided to do a road trip to Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas. It’s not too far from Cairns and that’s why we didn’t have to rush somewhere and had the opportunity to stop everywhere we wanted. The road itself is quite extraordinary – you get to drive in the rainforest and along the beach, so I was already very amazed before getting to the destination.

Blog 2e

Blog 2c

We didn’t really have a ‘plan’, all we wanted to do is to see beautiful places and enjoy our time, so we went swimming in the creeks, went to the beach, walked in the rainforest, saw a beautiful waterfall and just tried to take everything in.

Blog 2b

Blog 2f

We stayed in the hostel called PK’s, so if anyone is planning to go to Cape Tribulation, this is the place to stay! It’s very nice and relaxed, but the only thing is that they have two tenants, whom I did not particularly like – two huge spiders, other than that, it’s great!

Blog 2d

Also, those who like volleyball, it’s really nice to play in the esplanade in the evening, so come along!

Hope you are all having a good time,


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