John: “Owning a push bike is cheap, reliable, fun and healthy”

Blog 2Hi everyone,

It’s the third week in the academic calendar of JCU and I am still surviving. Nevertheless, I can feel the gradual increase in pressure from school work as each day goes by.

Good time management is what you need in order to cope with the upcoming assignments, exams and lectures whilst having ample time for your extracurricular activities.

Being on time is a real challenge for me. I saw the need to have reliable and cheap transportation to get around so I bought myself a push bike. My push bike is really useful to me because I use it to go anywhere around Townsville. Mostly I use it to ride to the University to attend lectures and tutorials. I also use it to go shopping and even ride for pleasure and sightseeing purposes. 

I nicknamed my bike “Tulait tulait” which means twilight in English. This name came about after me and a friend of mine attended the first 2014 Full Moon Drum Circle at The Strand and rode back home after the activity at night. Tulait tulait is a popular term used in PNG to refer to cars, especially public motor vehicles that travel long distances between dusk and dawn.

blog 2b

Cycling to me is an excellent outdoor activity that you can engage in whilst enjoying the beautiful scenes and catching breath of fresh air.

Townsville is great because it has excellent bike tracks linking almost every part of the city so you could go to anywhere you think of. Even JCU promote bicycles and has in place bike pathways and parking areas.

Owning a push bike is cheap, reliable, fun and healthy.

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