John, Papua New Guinea

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog where I will write about my studies and experiences here in JCU, Townsville.

Some facts about me:

My name is John Bangan Yana and I am an international student from PNG. I am studying Bachelor of Business Management & Health Management, year two under the Australia Awards Scholarships. I did my first year in Divine Word University (DWU) in PNG last year. I was selected together with 11 of my course mates to pioneer this Pilot Twinning Program between DWU in PNG and JCU. The purpose of the program is to equip graduates with necessary skills and knowledge in both health and business management so that they could become competent health managers.

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I come from a very remote area in PNG. Thus studying abroad in JCU gives me the opportunity to return home with the learnt knowledge and skills and improve the delivery of health services to my people, my province, and PNG as a whole. 


Anyway, upon my first arrival in Townsville airport from Port Moresby, I was temporary settled in a pre-organized accommodation at Riverside Adventist Convention Centre. After searching for accommodation online and via phone calls for a couple of days, I managed to secure a permanent accommodation. I now live in Cranbrook, together with three of my other course mates.
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I love living in Cranbrook since it is close to the main shopping centre, the bus stop and also next to Cranbrook Park.  I have easy access to everything I need.

I am really looking forward to having a great time here in Townsville and JCU.


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