Celine in ‘Finding Nemo’…


Hello again!

This weekend, some friends and I went to see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

We booked a day trip to the ‘outer reef’ with Compass Cruises. The day tour was 94 AUD (book through our hostel) and is the cheapest day tour departing from Cairns. You can either snorkel or dive, but you have to pay extra for diving. You find the info for the tour here:


I can truly recommend it, because the crew, the food and the whole atmosphere were awesome! Unlike bigger companies, the crew really seemed to enjoy their job (but how can you not enjoy a job like that? 😀 ). The tour started at 7.30 am and we came back at about 5 in the afternoon.

6546 5433

The boat stopped at two snorkel/dive destinations in the outer reef. The whole snorkel/dive gear was provided, and we had some delicious lunch, coffe and tea throughout the day, fresh fruit and wine. We could even rent some underwater cameras for the day. For those of you who have thought about getting your own underwater camera, like we did, I can recommend the ‘Canon Powershot D20‘. It takes amazing pictures both under and above water and is reasonably priced.

Some more impressions of that day:

76467 8756

865765 8644 85764

The following day, we went to Port Douglas, which is about 1 hour north of Cairns.


See you guys later!


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