Celine at University

hgfhgfG’day everyone!

During the last two weeks, I did not do anything special, because I had to catch up on some Uni stuff as well as to study and prepare for a presentation, a mid-term test and different assignments.

I had my presentation on the ‘White Australia Policy’ in Australian History, followed by a short discussion with my tutorial. Then, I had an exam on Effective Writing. Both did work out quite well! 

A tip for all international students: As long as your lecturer approves, you are entitled to use a dictionary in your mother tongue for an exam. You can either borrow one from the library or, if all are checked out, go and see the Infodesk on the day of your exam. They will give you a dictionary for the time of your test.

I also finished my first folio for my photography class. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and I would really recommend doing it. To give an impression of what we are doing in this class, here are the pictures of my first folio. We had to take 6 pictures with the help of 6 different techniques. Then we had to create diptychs  of those picture ‘fitting’  together in some way:grfde gfd hgf

Finally, my friend Sean was giving away free crêpes this week. Did you have one of them? They were DELICIOUS! Thanks Sean!



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