International Night @ Calvary Christian Church

Hi Guys. It’s me, Sharon Thomas Panackal. Today I would like to share my experience on being part of the International Night at Calvary Christian Church, Townsville. Calvary as a church is taking the initiative to display the cultural diversity that Australia has to offer.


It was an entertaining evening as there were performances from various countries such as Fiji, Africa, PNG etc. As an Indian, and don’t think I am being partial, the Indian team performance rocked the floor. In fact we smashed it.


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There was a special guest for the event, the Mayor of Townsville,  Jenny Hill. She commented that she liked the working of Calvary as a church, to unite people of different cultures and different walks of life.

The Entertaining night was concluded by a feast, which included cuisines from different parts of the World. I am a hard core foodie, and this is what I live for. I was seen running from one counter to another to satisfy my taste buds. My dear friend, Mr Thomas Menamparampan, an ex JCU student was leading the Indian food counter with tasty chicken curry and traditional Indian rice.


It was an amazing night, and as I usually say, going to Calvary gives me the energy which a red bull delivers. And it was amazing to see people with so much zeal and passion to contribute.

Truly, before going to Calvary, I was singing inside “I have a feeling. That it’s gonna be a good night…That it’s gonna be a good good night.” And that’s exactly the feeling I got after going to International Night at Calvary Christian  Church.

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