Life @ JCU…

Hi Guys,

It’s Sharon again. It’s often said that a students life is the best period in a person’s life. Tell that to a uni student and you might hear something else. See, I am studying my second semester, MIT-MBA at JCU, and I used to curse the time when assignments and various submissions took all the time that I had. But once the vacation started, I seriously missed Uni. Not because I was a geek and wanted to study again, but because I was missing the fun studying and being at uni with my friends. I missed the days when we used to do combined study in the JCU library and have fun there playing pranks on each other; and finally being the victim. It was fun.

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So, finally my second semester has started. I have carefully chosen subjects which interest me, and all my lecturers are really helpful. That’s one lesson that I learned from the previous semester; never learn a subject just for the sake of it. Take a subject which interests and gives you something to capitalize on in the future and which will keep you motivated to go for lectures and learn, even in difficult times.  If it’s an easy subject which doesn’t interest you, and doesn’t give you anything to capitalize on, it will demotivate you to go to classes and learn (in my opinion). So be very careful while choosing your subjects.


I love going to uni, making new friends, and giving tips on how to study and approach exams to newly arrived students. And truly, one thing that I am definitely gaining from my life at JCU is the international experience, as there are lots of students from different countries, cultures and walks of life.

With this, wishing all my fellow JCU students best of luck for the upcoming exams, let me conclude.

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