Celine and her weekend at ‘Maggie’ Island








G’day everyone!

University routine has started for everybody. This is why my friends and I started to get away for the weekend to discover beautiful Magnetic Island 😉

A student return ticket for Magnetic Island costs AUD 21 and is valid for up to one month.








Here you find the timetable for the ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island: http://www.sealinkqld.com.au/magnetic_island_ferry_timetable.php

Loaded with heaps of stuff (tents, sleeping bags, food, etc.) we took off Friday afternoon. We walked to the Uni, caught the bus and then were finally on the ferry which took us to the island.

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The weekend started off with the Fullmoon Party. This party takes place once a month on Magnetic Island, featuring a different theme every time. This time it was: “Dress in white and get coloured.” (http://fullmoondownunder.com/). Tickets fort he Fullmoon Party cost AUD 20. You can either buy them at the JCUSA travel desk or online at http://fullmoondownunder.com/ . Packages that include accommodation (Base Hostel) are also available online.

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The rest of the weekend was for relaxing. We discovered beautiful Florence Bay and had a barbeque at Nelly Bay.

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I will definitely come back to “Maggie Island” and would recommend for everybody to plan a weekend trip to this beautiful island.

See you next week!


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