Walking The Life With Calvary……


Calvary Christian Church has been a church that I have been visiting the time from the very first week that I had landed my feet on Townsville. And to date, Calvary church has not just increased my faith, but has largely influenced me towards my approach to life and others.

But, I would like to talk about what led me to Calvary church. I recall the day, in fact the very first day that I came to JCU, when I participated in the Orientation Week. Well, I do love socialising. So meeting heaps of totally unknown people was never frustrating for me. In fact, I loved it.

But, there were a million questions that were pondering my mind. Will I get a part time job? Will I get an economical accommodation place? Will I cope with studies? Will I be able to fulfill the high expectations that my parents had off me?

Walking with these questions, suddenly I found a group of active, enthusiastic people called Red Frogs, who were giving stuff to students. I was doubtful whether one among them was from my country, India. I approached him, and to my surprise, he was just not from my country, but was from the same state too. The guy that I am referring to is Mr Thomas Menamparampan, a JCU pass out, who explained to me that  Red Frog is Calvary’s University Ministry. And he also added that as a group, Red Frogs serves a generation to win a generation, without judging on what people do.

Inspired by what he told me about Calvary church, I went to the church on a Sunday. Calvary church is located at 569 Bayswater Rd, Mount Louisa, QLD 4814, Townsville. There was free food for students before the service. And the food was great.


After that I attended the service. You know the energy that kicks in you when you have a red bull. That’s what I derived from the service. The music was exhilarating. I felt so good on being present in an environment where the almighty was worshiped with joy and music. I must admit that literally tears rolled off my eyes during the service.

photo(48)photo(50) photo(51)

I still go to Calvary every Sunday, and witness changing lives at Calvary. Calvary as a church has given a lot to me. It has given me faith, hope and drive to work hard and rejoice in life.

With my joyful continuing experience, I invite everybody from JCU to Calvary, to feel the magical touch that can change your life.

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