Celine and her first week at uni

SAMSUNGHey everybody,

The first week of uni has started and I think I speak for all international students by saying it has been so different from what we know… in a really positive way!

The atmosphere on campus as well as the kindness and helpfulness of not only the professors, but everyone involved was just amazing! It’s definitely very special to study in such a great university, surrounded by palm trees.

The week started for me with a 9 o’clock lecture on Monday morning. After I had finally made my way to the room (I got completely lost :D) I had my first Australian lecture about, how appropriate, “Australian History”.

I attend 4 courses altogether: Australian History, Effective Writing, Progress & Anxiety: The Victorian Age and Photography. At first, I was a bit confused about only taking 4 courses as you usually take a lot more in Germany. But back home, I would only have to write a thesis paper or exam at the end of semester. During semester itself, I do not have to take any mid-term exams, write essays, etc. The only thing we have to do is a presentation in each course which is, differently from Australia, not graded. For my history and literature courses I have to attend 2 hours of lectures/week as well as 1 hour of tutorials/week. For more practical subjects such as Photography or Effective Writing, it is the other way around with 1 hour of lectures/week and 2 hours of practical or workshops/week. If you are unsure about your course, you can find out about it online: https://secure.jcu.edu.au/app/studyfinder/index.cfm .

That’s how my lecture timetable now looks like:


Besides, a lot of other activities were offered this week. One was the Toga-Party, which was a lot of fun. Everybody had to put on a Toga, come to the Uni-Club and have fun 😉

celine 2On Market day, clubs and associations were introduced.


I also had to buy a new bike, as the one from BigW tended to unhook its brakes while I was riding the bike. Not very helpful when you are riding in the middle of a heavily travelled road:-D. This is why I brought the bike back, and bought a new, much nicer one for the same price (kmart).

For the  German students amongst you or those who want to learn German, also check out my German blog: http://www.go-jcu.de.vu/



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