Looking for a club to join while at JCU?

JCU SportJCU’s various clubs are great places to meet new friends while having fun. I have been in various clubs throughout my degree at JCU and the one I would like to recommend is the Townsville Ultimate Frisbee League.

The TUFL is a great place to meet other international students as well as local Australians. It is a social league that runs every Wednesday evening and lasts the entire semester. It has a pub crawl early on in the semester as well as activities throughout to ensure that your Aussie experience is nothing short of amazing.

Never played before? No worries! Almost half of the league consists of newcomers and beginners who learn as they go along. Just come down to the AFL fields on Wednesday at 7 pm (yes that is every Wednesday) and they will get you sorted in no time at all! If you don’t know where that is, just look out for the flying discs on the fields opposite George Roberts Hall.

Now I know most people have preconceptions about Frisbee but let me assure you that is super duper fun! The best thing is, it’s co-ed so the boys get to play with the girls (not in THAT sense!) which just makes it even more awesome! Some students say the league is the best thing to have happened to them in Australia, some students say that the league has definitely enhanced their Aussie experience, but all of them agree that the league is pretty darn amazing!

So if you’re looking to meet new people and have a crazy time in Australia (and play some Frisbee along the way), I highly recommend checking out the TUFL. Remember it happens at the AFL fields opposite George Roberts Hall every Wednesday at 7 pm!

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