Celine and Orientation Week at JCU

Celine Blog2Orientation Week

Time flies! Another week passed by.

This week was the Orientation week for new students at the JCU. The program was filled with information about studying at the James Cook University and fun activities such as the O-Mazing Race as well as trips to the Reef HQ Aquarium or the Billabong Sanctuary.

You find the whole program of the Orientation week here: http://www.jcu.edu.au/getready4uni/public/groups/everyone/docume nts/guide/jcudev_007551.pdf 

On Tuesday, I attended the “Your faculty and course introduction”. After getting heaps of information about the JCU in general as well as about my faculty (Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences), we were divided into small groups which were shown around campus by mentors. These mentors will be our contact persons in case we have any questions concerning studying and living in Townsville. Our group was shown around campus by our mentor Laura. We also participated in a short library tour. After this, we all had lunch together in front of the Refectory.

During O-week, I also got my student ID card (just inside the Student Centre) and filled out the application form for the tertiary bus card with which you can get a 50% discount on buses.

I also participated in the O-Mazing Race, which was literally AMAZING. I would definitely recommend doing it as you get to know the area, meet lots of new people and, most importantly, have a great, fun-filled day. Once divided into teams, busses take the teams to 3 locations: Stocklands Shopping Centre, Flinders Street and the Strand. There you have 20 minutes to, together as a team, answer questions and accomplish tasks such as take a picture of your whole team in a slide ;-).

Celine blog2cCeline blog2bCeline blog2dCeline blog2e

I also bought a bike. You can either get a bike from the university  (AUD 50, jcu-bug@jcu.edu.au) or you can get a new one from Kmart or BigW (AUD 70). Since I was too late and all the bikes at the university were already sold out, I had to buy a bike from BigW which cost me AUD 78. With the help of my roommate Marlen and two guys from Austria, Fabian and Peter, we put the bike together (yes, it came in a carton :-D) and once it was all done, we realized it had a flat tyre. So we had to start the whole bike-building adventure all over again.

Celine blog2f

Even though I am not a huge fan of bike riding in Germany, I definitely think that buying a bike is the best option to get around in Townsville as the bus system is not very good.

This week, I also looked up the subject outlines on LearnJCU. Here you find everything you need to know about assignments, required textbooks and tutorials. First, I was a bit shocked as I will have to buy books for about AUD 300 (I chose a literature course). In Germany, you don’t need to buy that many books. My mentor, however, told me about a website where you might find your required books a lot cheaper. On http://www.textbookexchange.com.au/content.php/25.html students can sell their books they don’t need anymore. This might be a good option for those who will have to buy a lot of books (just like me) 😉

I met a lot of people so far. We have been barbecuing, pool-partying, movie-watching,…  😀

I am really looking forward to spend more time with these guys as well as to get to know more people.

And now… let the studying begin 😉



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