Hitting the Newspaper……


Hi Guys,

Recently, one of my long cherished dreams of  being part of a news story was fulfilled. Actually, I was contacted by Ms. Emma Chadwick, a journalist of Townsville Bulletin, to be part of a story in the Townsville Bulletin newspaper. Ms. Emma Chadwick happens to be a close friend of  mine. The story was about the life of International students who come to Townsville, Australia, for varied reasons.

I was asked to come to the strand  along with two other friends of mine, who were part of the story, which included Ms. Tanya from Mexico, who I look up to as one of my best friends in Australia, and Mr. Yuan, from China.

To my surprise, the photo shoot turned out to be very professional, where we were asked to pose differently….U know the model stuff….Since I don’t hail from such industries, I had no clue what I was in to. But finally, everything ended in a good note, and we were able to give some good pics…..


But, i guess I enjoyed the most, as it was a new experience to me, and the fact that it was a small part (to be part of a news of a leading news paper), that I wanted to fulfill.


Life is Good…..










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