Staff Tips: Packing tips for your trip

Is this how you pack?!

So, you’re packing for your trip to Australia- afraid you’ll forget something? Freaking out? Need some instruction? Well, here’s a list with some helpful hints and advice. Calm down. And start getting ready for the trip of a lifetime. 

What to bring
Australian Customs Services and quarantine are very strict. Before you start packing, visit the Department of Agriculture webpage for information on what you cannot bring into Australia. Also read about what can’t be mailed into Australia and let friends and family know.
If you’re in doubt about whether your goods are prohibited or not, declare it anyway on the Incoming Passenger Card which you will receive on the plane. Students have received fines for not declaring items.
Baggage allowances flying into Australia will vary according to your carrier, flight class and country of origin. Please check what baggage allowances your airline has and think carefully about what you are going to pack. Economy passengers are generally permitted 1 x checked luggage (35kg) and 1 x carry-on (7kg) for international flights, but only 20kg of checked luggage on domestic flights within Australia. You will be able to purchase most things upon arrival in Australia but the price may be higher than in your own country.

Bringing Medications into Australia
Medicines brought into and taken out of Australia may be subject to customs controls. You can bring some medications into Australia for the purpose of treating your own medical condition or treating a passenger who is under your care; provided that you have a prescription or a letter from your doctor to confirm that the medicine was prescribed by a medical practitioner.
Ensure that the maximum amount of medicine you bring is equivalent to 3 months’ supply. Some medications are prohibited from being brought into Australia unless you hold a permit. You can find a list of prohibited medication on the Theraputic Goods Administration.
To find out how to apply for a permit contact the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
What if I run out of medication while I am in Australia?
If the medication you require is a prohibited import, you cannot import additional quantities by mail. You should consult a local doctor. If the medication is not approved in Australia and there is no suitable alternative, a local doctor may be authorised to import the medication on your behalf.

People from other countries may choose
to wear their national dress. Townsville and Cairns students usually dress informally; shorts and t-shirts are considered standard wear. Bring some loose, comfortable clothes for the warmer months, and light winter clothing for the cooler months. You may have one or a few formal occasions throughout your stay so bring along formal attire. For festive occasions, you may want to bring traditional dress and accessories.

Mobile Phones & Laptops
You can bring items such as a laptop computer, and similar electronic equipment, duty free into Australia provided that Customs is satisfied these items are intended to be taken with you on departure. For more information visit Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.
If you are considering bringing a mobile phone, laptop, or any communication devices we suggest that you visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority at before making any purchases.


One thought on “Staff Tips: Packing tips for your trip

  1. louiselysen says:

    Another tip, take a block of sockets, power plugs (no clue how these things are called in english) for your own room, you only need 1 adapter for multiple sockets from your home country!

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