International Adventure Games!

iagIn the first week of October there is going to be an amazing event on Magnetic Island!
5 days full of Games, adventures, parties and live music specially aimed at all the international People in TSV!
Every day different sporting events and adventure games are hosted in which you can participate and if you are the first one to register for your country, YOU are that countries representative! Imagine winning your country the trophy in bear foot lawn balls or the limbo challenge!
If you are not sporty or adventures there are heaps of partying options, with a party on Maggie every day and a full day of sports, music and adventure on the strand ( 4th of October) so you can watch others get tired while lying on the beach ūüėČ
For more information and registration to various events go to

But if that’s to far away for your liking, there is always the amazing Full Moon Down Under partys at BASE magnetic island! party next to the beach, drinking cocktails from buckets!



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