Family Life

The one hard thing about studying or living abroad is having to miss family and friends. Some people are very comfortable with Skype or something similar and will speak to friends or parents every day, or week.
I am one of those people who kind of loses contact when face to face communication is not possible (this does not mean I forget my friends and family!) and so I speak to my mum maybe once every couple of weeks/months. Partially also because of the time difference, we can only chat in early mornings (eeuh.. no thanks) or at night, a time when most of us have other social responsibilities! So our Skype chats usually only occur when one of us needs information from the other 😉

But after not having seen my parents for nearly a year I too thought that it was time to see them. And Although I am Dutch, my parents live in Singapore, only half the travel time and distance,making it possible to visit for just 4 days,catching up without causing me to fall behind in my studies. And then 4 days go fast, today is my last day here in Singapore and tonight I will be on the plane back to TSV.
Back to work and my other life, it seems!

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