The joys of being a post-grad

In my last post you found me trying to finish my lit review. As the mid-semester break is over now, and everyone is back on campus, I moved from the library computer rooms to into the lab, where the wi-fi works and supervisors and other lab mates were at hand. Finally I finished my lit review, but life unfortunately doesn’t evolve around me. So my supervisor had no time to check the final version and the person handing out the extensions was out of office! But finally I got an extension, and there are no more dramas.

Lets get onto the field work then. I am going to go out to Lucinda (about an hour north of Townsville) to make an inventory of what lives on snags (large logs) that are on the beach, most of these logs where pushed up on the beach during cyclone Yasi a couple of years ago. So I wanted to take my time planning everything, but unfortunately the tides did not agree with me and as it turns out I should be leaving Wednesday. But before that there is a ton of paperwork to be done… Man if I had known the amount involved, I might have stuck to classes, rather than research…

So ethics forms, check. Field trip tracker, check. Travel requisite, eeuhm not quite. Ooh but don’t forget risk awareness and make sure to fill out all the money forms. It’s taken me 2 days to complete the forms and finalize my trip and I look forward to telling you all about it when I return.

Louise L.

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