Disaster on the Menu……..but still finger licking good memories……..

Even though we all have our tough days on assessments, assignements, exams and all the other tensions that our daily life brings up, its  indeed the sweet times we all have with our friends(especially if you are sharing a house), that brings our life back to its balance.


Take my case. I work partime. I have hell lots to study. There are days in which I really feel like I am on a roller coaster. So much to do…..But, finally when I reach home, its heaven…..Me and my room mates get together cooking to satisfy our rumbling stomatchs….regardless of the disaster we might have to consume at the end of the day, the joy of preparing and having your daily meal with your friends is just awesome…..and I defenitely know these are sweet memories which I will always have close to my heart…………………….

So, even if I may have disaster on the menu for a few days, I love it, cos it makes my life finger lickin good……….


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