Lecture recess, study or travel??

While some international students are now enjoying there well deserved week off after mid term exams, I am still at uni slaving away at a lit review that has to be finalized on the first of may.
But I am not the only one doing work, many students use this week to catch up on assignments that should have been done earlier and rather mean nearly all subjects plan there field trips in the study break! meaning that although there is no class you spend most of the week working on uni stuff.. 😦

My advise however, leave those assignments for another week, most of us are only here or a short while and might not ever get the chance to come back, so go do as much as possible, use those study breaks to make a trip! There is so much to do either in QLD or catch a plane to Melbourne or Sydney and do a trip!

Just to show you a couple of options within driving distance:

225869_468089443235965_1368295960_n 254485_468089009902675_1576832491_n 301323_468086986569544_368470801_n

The Atherton Tablelands (west of Cairns), beautiful views, and heaps of waterfalls! While you’re there check out Paronella park. it’s stunning (cover photo)

309240_454338671277709_2107149520_n 578406_468090519902524_1535655180_n

Mission Beach, A bit more than halfway in between TSV and Cairns and reachable by Greyhoud! chance to see cassowaries, unfortunately we just saw poo 😦

484980_488639904514252_905651777_n 533545_488640651180844_1736473585_n 643933_488640727847503_778998472_n

Port Douglas, Daintree rainforest national park area (north of cairns), lots and lots of wildlife!

Conclusion, defiantly have a bit of slack with those assignments, or work that tiny bit harder the weeks after! the environment your in is so unique it is more important to go see that!

cheers, Louise

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