Sports Fun!


Hi all,

My family knows me as a person who always gets injured in the most ridiculous ways. So My dad’s first advice when I told him last week I signed up for a volleyball team was “you better find a good GP”!
However with market day passed, all the clubs have had their chance of promoting themselves and many of you will be joining in on their favourite sports from back home or a whole new sport (like me..). It is probably one of the best ways to meet new people and make friends   in other schools then your own and it may be a fun way to explore and try something new (and feel muscles ache you never new you even had.. ).  Last Semester I joined the JCU rock climbing club, and we regularly go out for a climb like a trip down to Bowen for some bouldering! Another sport that is pretty painful every now and then (see my hand below..) but always fun and certainly a great way to make new friends!

cheers, Louise

PTDC0054 PTDC0079 PTDC0070 PTDC0064 PTDC0068

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