This is me! (Meet Louise)


Hi to all current students, new students, friend and family who might be interested in my doings here in Townsville, Australia!

Quick introduction to who I am, what I am doing here and why you are now reading this post.
I am Louise, 22 years from the lovely country of The Netherlands (Yes very flat and wet, yes weed is legal and yes it is bigger than just Amsterdam, and finally yes Holland is an area within the Netherlands, but we call ourself Dutch). I am a keen though not to great climber and enjoy travelling and seeing new environments and people.
I graduated in December 2011 receiving my Bachelor of science, major; Biology and Minor environmental sciences from the Radboud University Nijmegen.  Half a year ago I decided to leave all my friends and family behind in The Netherlands and travel to Australia to take part in a master of Marine Biology by Course work. Now in march 2013 I am starting the 2nd semester of my master, with a Minor project and a literature review.

Settled in as I am now after 7 months I decided to apply for the position as student commentator at JCU. Meaning that from now on till November I will update you regularly on things I experience (or have experienced), do and don’t. And importantly things I think future International student might want to know before coming to JCU or during their first period here!
During the upcoming months I will try to humour you with tales about Jcu, my experiences in settling into a new life, the surroundings, short trips in the region, travels, activities on campus, sporting activities, and other things that happen in my life in the tropical side of the world!

Hope you can enjoy!

cheers, Louise

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